OUtdoor industry entrepreneurship Education

We call it being a Recpreneur.  



A new education trend is on the rise:

Outdoor Industry Entrepreneurship Education.

We hope you'll try it (for free).

We are developing Western North Carolina's first and leading outdoor industry specific entrepreneurship education program and talent generator. 

We believe entrepreneurship education has the most impact when it is focused on a specific audience.  We focus on the outdoor entrepreneur.  In fact, that is who we are.         

The Recpreneur concept is the distillation of an MBA, a Master's Certificate of Entrepreneurship, a decade of outdoor entrepreneurship, knowledge derived from doing hands-on business development work (not sales) with 600+ regional companies, and decades of shredding the gnar.  We've danced with risk and have had many failures along our path.  But we learned a lot, and have achieved sufficient success to be able to launch this important contribution to WNC's outdoor industry and economy. 


1)  Creating - All businesses, particularly start-ups, are creative endeavors.  New product development, business model exploration, employee incentive programs, management systems, and marketing campaigns are all examples of creativity in-action.  The savvy entrepreneur is a creator.                

2)  Sharing - All businesses must share their story, message, values, products or services - their brand, with their employees and the market.  The savvy entrepreneur understands how to share new ideas with the right people, at the right time, and through the right channels.              

3)  Leading - All businesses require strong leadership to achieve lasting success.  Aside from product-market fit, there's nothing more important than leadership.  The savvy leader understands the responsibility of the role, delegates with confidence, and continually articulates and shares the company vision.